Meet The Team

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Logan Snow

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Logan is a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and concentration in Security & Privacy.  He enjoys contributing his technical skills to Allelo's mission of promoting healthy online discourse and helps  lead Allelo’s Engineering team in creating the best platform for educators and students.


Angelina Vieira


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Angelina (Angie) is a senior marketing executive. She brings a unique perspective having worked both brand and agency side, on many globally respected companies. Angie thrives most at the intersection of business and creativity. She fosters teams and leaders while driving businesses. Angie serves on the Board of Directors of Concern Worldwide and LREI, a leader in progressive education since 1921.

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Jeremy Brown

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Jeremy is a data specialist passionate about education. Jeremy manages operations and leads Allelo’s Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing efforts. He believes that the ability to respectfully converse with others with different opinions than your own is key to creating a healthier society.

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Daniel Hack

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Daniel (Dan) is a recent graduate of the Science and Humanities Scholar Program at Carnegie Mellon University, with a double major in Technology and Public Policy, and Policy and Management. He speaks Chinese and plays the viola. Dan founded Allelo on the idea that civics education can prepare students to better communicate and exchange ideas with those they don't agree with, a mission he cares about deeply.

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Jessica Minick
Head of Customer Success

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Jessica is an educator in Rockland County, NY with over 15 years of classroom experience.  She believes that teaching students how to effectively communicate with others, especially those who hold contrasting opinions, is a necessary and invaluable skill.  Being part of Allelo has allowed her to draw upon her professional and personal passions: meaningful classroom discussion, educational technology, and social psychology. Jessica believes civic education is the backbone needed for a society to survive. She believes we need to be able to discern fact from fiction, while also being able to engage respectfully with our peers.

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Matthew Henderson

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Matthew is a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in  Computer Science and a  passion for design and user interaction. Meeting an increasing need for full-stack projects, he has expanded his work to include backend tasks, and enjoys the interplay of the differing technologies. He enjoys the intersection of engineering and design, and often explores this through web development.


Michael Lepori
Lead Data Scientist

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Michael has a B.S. in Physics and Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, and has worked as a data scientist and software engineer. Michael has a passion for conducting research at the intersection of cognitive science and artificial intelligence, and has contributed to several research publications in these fields. At Allelo, Michael designs and develops data-driven technologies, leveraging insights from computational linguistics and machine learning, and develops metrics for assessing discussions.


Stefano DiDonato
Head of Design

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Stefano is a design major at Carnegie Mellon University. His current disciple is in communication design, but he aspires to explore the creation of visual messages through different spaces and environments. Stefano believes that civic education is one of the first major steps in understanding the nuanced differences within the world. He works to develop the branding system of Allelo and collaborates on the UX/UI portion of our interface.


Richard Freedman
Head of Ed Development

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Richard is a lifelong educator who has worked across school districts from urban to suburban settings and learning environments as a teacher, supervisor and building Principal for the past 28 years. His schools were early adopters to the world of digital based learning and the infusion of technology as a student centered approach to educating the whole child. He mentors the next generation of educational leaders and has been actively involved in leadership positions for organizations related to educational leadership and excellence throughout the state of New Jersey.

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Sasha Avchukov
Content Marketing Manager

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Sasha has a B.S. in Journalism and Emerging Media and has worked in social media marketing for various organizations. Based in Atlanta, GA, she is fluent in Russian and Spanish. Sasha is passionate about creating digital content that showcases how Allelo helps promote civil discourse.


Estée Goel


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Estée is a sophomore studying economics, mathematics, and design at Carnegie Mellon University. She served as Student Body President of her high school, and felt the drastic negative effects of online learning and social distancing towards the end of her senior year, in 2020. She believes that Allelo creates an effective solution to this, and is excited to work alongside the team as an intern, as well as part of the Fellowship Program.

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Sabrina Nelson

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Sabrina is a freshman, based in Seattle, studying computer science in Barrett the Honors College at Arizona State University. After attending one of the first high schools shut down due to the pandemic, she experienced a lack of personal interaction and connection in remote learning. She is passionate about her work with Allelo as an intern, and believes that Allelo bridges the gaps caused by hybrid and virtual schooling by creating an effective online discussion environment.

The Advisory Board


William Alba

William is a professor and administrator at Carnegie Mellon University. For more than a quarter century, he has developed and directed distinctive academic programs at colleges and high schools, both public and private, across the United States. He has a particular interest in cross-disciplinary thinking, including the art of asking questions about difficult topics. He sees great value in the ability of Allelo to enhance critical thinking, deep communication, and cultural understanding.


James Frey

James partners with the executive team and Board members on go-to market efforts and the development of strategic partnerships. James looks to find ways to connect Allelo’s mission of improving open-minded listening and productive discourse skills with traditional pedagogical activities to enhance outcomes for participants and enact meaningful change.

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Cynthia Darling

Cynthia is an independent school educator who currently teaches English, History, and Ethics. She has served as a teaching mentor, a curriculum advisor, and a professional development facilitator. A fellow with the Academy for Teachers, she is also a longtime consultant for the National Writing Project and a recipient of an NEH educator’s grant. She was also a recent participant in The Moth Teacher Institute. Cynthia believes Allelo is a powerful and timely tool for transforming thinking in our classrooms and in our society.


Erik Dykema

Erik is an attorney practicing in areas of technology, startup ventures, and intellectual property issues.  Erik acts as general in-house counsel to tech startups, and litigates as outside counsel on behalf of inventors, artists, and entrepreneurs generally.  Erik is an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University (ECE ’00) and Brooklyn Law School (J.D. cum laude ‘10), and teaches Media Law at New York University.  Erik also serves on the Board of Directors of Tech Kids Unlimited, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching technology to kids who learn differently, and the Essex Fells Foundation for Educational Excellence. Erik helps promote Allelo’s legal interests and ensure compliance with regulations concerning privacy and security.


RaShall M. Brackney, Ph.D.

Prior to her appointment as the Chief of Police in Charlottesville, Virginia, Dr. RaShall M. Brackney retired after 30-years with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police. Additionally, she served as the Chief of Police for George Washington University.

Dr. Brackney is a recognized expert in the areas of harm reduction, procedural and restorative justice practices, and community-police relations. Additionally, as a result of her work in social and racial justice, Dr. Brackney was granted a fellowship to Carnegie Mellon University's Institute for Politics and Strategy where she specializes in the influence of race on politics and policy.

Dr. Brackney earned Bachelors' and Masters' Degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and a Ph.D. from Robert Morris University. Dr. Brackney is a graduate of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia; the United States Secret Service Dignitary Protection course in Washington, D.C., and Leadership Pittsburgh XIX.