Alello is an intuitive AI-powered platform that structures and moderates text-based, small-group breakout assignments between students.


It delivers a consistent and robust “discussion experience," and puts the power of conversational-analytics directly into the hands of educators.

Energize your daily classroom engagement, expand educator reach, and open up a new world of opportunity for student growth. 


Start today with a 30-day free trial. Set up is easy!

Discussions Done Better
Structured. Analyzed. AI Enhanced.

Achieve Better Learning Outcomes

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“Allelo let us have our own opinion and voice and to build off others’ ideas. And typing is so much easier than trying to talk over people on Zoom. I really like it!”

- Proper Charter School 10th Grader

For Learners

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Boost Measurable Engagement

Gain Efficacy 

Build Discourse Skills

For Facilitators

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Promote Equitable Participation

Capture Engagement Insights

AI-Driven Engagement Metrics

Allelo uses sophisticated natural language processing tools to help teachers identify opportunities for student growth, while also providing teachers with a deeper understanding of high-level trends in student discourse across their classroom. Our platform also helps educators respond to any and all contribution, ensuring that each student receives valuable feedback.

"Discourse seemed authentic and meaningful. Students also reported the interface was inviting and easy to navigate."

—  Colgate Professor of Education