We help organizations and classrooms engage in real-time, small group, online discussions that improve learning efficiency and participation. Using artificial intelligence and smart technology, our platform provides more productive discourse and engagement metrics that boost learning in multiple settings. 

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We help organizations and classrooms engage in productive small group discussions, leveraging AI to evaluate both the quality and quantity of student participation, helping teachers provide targeted, personalized feedback.

The Allelo Platform Redefines Learning Communication

Improve Engagement, and Achieve Better Learning Outcomes

Allelo uses sophisticated natural language processing tools to help teachers identify opportunities for student growth, while also providing teachers with a deeper understanding of high-level trends in student discourse across their classroom. Our platform also helps educators respond to any and all contribution, ensuring that each student receives valuable feedback.

AI-Driven Engagement Metrics

Boost Measurable Engagement

Gain Efficacy 

Build Discourse Skills

Promote Equitable Participation

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"Discourse is too often toxic or unproductive. We wanted to leverage technology, to help teach more informed, thoughtful debate online that enables robust, open-minded and equitable discussion that video rarely delivers."

Dan Hack, Allelo

 Founder and CEO

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"Discourse seemed authentic and meaningful. Students also reported the interface was inviting and easy to navigate."

—  Colgate Professor of Education