AI Designed to Improve How We Communicate & Learn

Quickly create and schedule secure, live,text-based discourse assignments around any topic

Assists Participants

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with language and modeling guidance during their discourse

Provides Analysis & Feedback

Tracks Engagement

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for individuals to strengthen  constructive discourse skills

to assess contributions and progressions over time

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Student Features & Capabilities​

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AI Powered 

Text Suggestions

AI powered phrase suggestions encourage and teach constructive discussion skills. 

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Resource Sharing & Quoting 

Upload documents, photos, videos, charts and more to support your argument with sources.

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Access to a personalized dashboard to receive

real-time teacher feedback and track personal growth.

Teacher Features & Capabilities​

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Create small-group breakouts and assignments in a matter of minutes.

Assignment Builder

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Ability to schedule conversations for specific dates and times, or allow students to build their own schedule.

Assignment Scheduler

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Gain insight into student behaviors and outcomes through the post-conversation analytics.

Conversational Analytics

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Educators extend “reach & guidance” without the need to be present in all discussions.

Automated Moderation & Monitoring

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Provide Personalized Feedback

Give students individualized feedback to support their learning and growth.

Quickly create and schedule secure, live,
text-based discourse assignments around any topic