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Are you passionate about civic education, and interested in engaging students from around the country in productive conversations?


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"Everyone I introduce this platform to, regardless of wanting to use it in the classroom setting or not, finds it to be an amazing tool and thinks it can fill in the gap that education lacks right now."

Erica Rankin, 

Allelo Fellow

Graduated Fellows

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Erika Lee

Erika is a junior at Boston University pursuing a B.A./M.A. in Economics and Mathematics. She works to actively understand and confront educational inequity and gender discrimination through her economic research and role as President of BU's Undergraduate Women in Economics. In her free time, Erika enjoys fencing, biking along Boston's esplanade, and playing violin in chamber groups.

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Stephanay Slade-Louis

Stephanay is applying to Masters programs with a focus in International Relations. She studied at The New School majoring in Theater and minoring in Political Science. From New York, she is passionate about pushing culture forward through conversations and different mediums of art. She enjoys baking, singing, and watching HGTV.


Mars Knight

Mars is a sophomore at Santa Barbara City College where they are pursuing an A.S. in physics. Passionate about astrophysics and climate change, Mars researches comparative planetology and participates in climate solution lobbying. As a National Geographic Certified Educator, they are looking forward to creating a more positive environment for civil discourse that allows everyone to learn something new. 


Jason Acosta Espinosa

Jason is a freshman at Dartmouth College planning on double majoring in Neuroscience and Government, Economics, and Philosophy. Jason is from Revere, MA, and is passionate about mental health awareness and international relationships. He hopes to be an international/health law lawyer in the future and work with the World Health Organization to increase accessibility to mental health resources. 

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Stevie Billow 

Stevie is an experienced educator and currently heads the Learning Resource Center at Urban College of Boston. Deeply interested in inter-ideological communication and educational technologies, they are excited to support Allelo’s mission as a Fellow. Stevie is a recent M.A.T. graduate from the Universidad de Alcalá in Madrid and they also hold a B.A. in History and Art History from Smith College. 


Rafi Safdie 

Rafi is a junior at the University of Maryland. He is double majoring in Finance and Psychology. From San Francisco, he plans on pursuing an MBA after graduation and then working for a company that makes a positive impact on others. In his free time, he enjoys watching sports, listening to music and hanging out with friends.


Andrea Hernandez

Andrea is a Senior at California State University, Stanislaus. She is majoring in Communications with an Interdisciplinary in public communications and media. From California, Andrea aspires to work for a start-up with deep value; While researching how to start her own. She enjoys keeping up with trends, exercising, playing with her pet kiwi, traveling, networking, and skincare.


Erin Lynn

Erin is a graduate student at Arkansas State University and is all but dissertation for her Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership. While originally from Arkansas, she now lives in Bayonne, New Jersey, and has enjoyed a 15-year career in higher education working in both Arkansas and New York City. While her career is on pause, Erin is also working on completing certificates to teach English as a Foreign Language, hopes to be accepted as a volunteer educational contributor for the National African Student Association, and has been enhancing her sign language skills to better communicate with the hearing impaired.

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Gabriela Argueta-Ferrufino

Gabriela is a junior at Loyola University Maryland. She is accomplishing a B.A Degree in Communication specializing in Public Relations with a minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. From Maryland, Gabriela is passionate about civic engagement, social justice to facilitate an effective and meaningful impact at Allelo. She is part of Women of Color Initiative Club at Loyola where she manages social media and community outreach for activities on campus. During her free time, she enjoys, outdoor activities like kayaking, traveling, and food from different cultures.

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Marcin Knara

Marcin is a Senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst pursuing a Computer Science degree. An upcoming Software Engineer, he also considers himself an armchair philosopher and is passionate about the open discussion of ideas and creative work. In his free time, Marcin enjoys fitness, sports, writing, and podcasting. 


Frances Hina Goldsmith 

Frances is a graduate student at St. Cloud State University, majoring in Teaching English as a Second Language. She is also a graduate assistant and student athlete for the collegiate tennis team. She graduated from the University of Utah in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and minor in Japanese. From Hawaii, she plans to graduate and pursue a PhD in Education. 


Sophia Perenich

Sophia is a recent graduate from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida where she studied Political Science and minored in Philosophy with a concentration in Political Philosophy. While currently working in the hospitality industry, she is looking for a career that initiates positive changes in ethics and morality in the society at large. More specifically, she desires one that is focused on her passion for helping others understand how their individual choices affect society as a whole. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, tutoring children, and shopping. 


Sandra Tso

Sandra is a junior at Binghamton University. She is majoring in Business Administration, concentrating in Business Analytics and Management Information Systems. From New York, Sandra hopes to graduate and eagerly work for a company with a meaningful impact. She enjoys embroidery, swimming, and skincare.


Joshua Southren

Joshua is a junior at Saint Louis University. He is majoring in Sports Business in the Chaifetz School of Business. From New York State, Joshua plans to graduate and attend Law School where he hopes to pursue a career in Intellectual Property Law. 

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Zachary Schwartz

Zach is a Senior at Suffern High School, New York.  Hoping to pursue a career in politics, he aims to become an influential figure in spreading the idea of Open Mindedness.  In his free time, he enjoys drawing, acting, making music, and rowing.

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Erica Rankin

Erica is a senior at Stony Brook University, New York. She is accomplishing a B.A. degree in Biology with a minor in Anthropology. From New York State, Erica aspires to graduate and attend medical school. Once a week, Erica volunteers at her local hospital in the emergency department, ensuring the comfort and enhancing the communication of all patients.


Harrison Dranoff 

Harrison is a junior in the Foote Fellows Honors Program at the University of Miami. He is majoring in Microbiology and Immunology with minors in Chemistry and Health Management Policy. From New York State, Harrison plans to graduate and work in the healthcare industry for a few years, after which he plans to attend medical school. 

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Hannah Weinstein

Hannah is pursuing a Masters in Civil Engineering at Cornell University, where she completed her undergraduate studies majoring in Environmental Engineering and minoring in English. She is passionate about sustainability and ocean conservation, and hopes to work in regenerative coastal development. In her free time, she works as a scuba instructor for Cornell's Physical Education program, and enjoys snowboarding, surfing, and crocheting.


Drew Friedhoff

Drew is a senior at Colgate University from Wooster, Ohio majoring in International Relations and minoring in Economics. He is passionate about using data and research to facilitate more efficient and effective communication, civic engagement, and resource distribution.


Skye Maisel

Skye is a senior at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York majoring in Cellular Neuroscience. From New York, she is passionate about mental health awareness and treatment and is an incoming clinical research intern at The Depression and Anxiety Center at Mount Sinai in NYC. She enjoys pottery, working with children, and hopes to pursue a career in healthcare.  


Ariella Teller

Ariella is a Senior at University of Missouri studying Human Development and Family Science with an emphasis in Child Life. She is from Houston, Texas and is passionate about working with children and providing them with the language to engage in respectful conversations with peers. Ariella is looking forward to working as a Child Life Specialist in a pediatric hospital in the future.