Suffern Central School District: "Suffern Alum Creates Classroom Connection Through Technology"

Updated: Jun 15

Allelo featured in Suffern Central School District's Winter 2021 issue of its newsletter, Excelsior.

Engaging students in online learning is a topic being discussed in education across the globe.

How to develop meaningful lessons and interactive conversations and providing tools for

creatively working together are just some of the challenges teachers are facing. Suffern High

School (SHS) English teacher Jessica Minick is using a new tool called Allelo in her classes.

The best part? Allelo was created by SHS alumnus Daniel Hack ‘17, who is currently a senior

at Carnegie Mellon University. Allelo is an edtech platform that encourages discussions via

text and helps people connect with others, respectfully sharing ideas and improving their

understanding of global topics.

“I thought Allelo was a unique opportunity for students to have meaningful small group

conversations,” noted Minick. “During the spring, students in Global Perspectives & Research used the platform to engage with students across Europe about the impact of COVID. This year, the platform has been helpful in bringing my tenth-graders together, no matter where they are, to discuss and debate.”

Daniel and his team have grown exponentially in the last year continuing to raise capital and increase their offerings. In addition to Hack, other Suffern High School alumni involved in this venture include: Aidan Brown, ‘16; Michael Lepori, ‘16; and Jeremy Brown, ‘13.

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