CEO Daniel Hack featured by CMU Entrepreneurship Association

Updated: Jan 28

Watch this week’s new episode of the CMU Entrepreneurship Association entrepreneur interview series with Daniel Hack, co-founder and CEO at Convertsation. Daniel was interviewed by Ishgun Singh Arora, a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon about what our product does and the mission behind it. Check it out!


1. Introduction - 0:08 mins

2. What exactly is Convertsation? - 1:13 mins

3. How exactly do schools make use of this platform? - 4:59 mins

4. Can absolutely anyone join/create communities in this platform? - 7:54 mins

5. What brand image are you trying to build for Convertsation? - 9:26 mins

6. What does a financial agreement with schools look like? - 11:20 mins

7. Why are you focusing on text over video? - 14:04 mins

8. Tell us about your competitors in the market. - 15:43 mins

9. What are your company’s short and long term goals? - 17:12 mins

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