Quickly create and schedule secure, live,
text-based discourse assignments around any topic

Assists Participants

Provides Analysis & Feedback

Tracks Engagement

AI Designed to Improve How We Communicate & Learn

with language and modeling guidance during their discourse

for individuals to strengthen  constructive discourse skills

to assess contributions and progressions over time

Get Started with Allelo

Get Started with Allelo

Student Features & Capabilities​

AI Powered Text Suggestions

AI powered phrase suggestions encourage and teach constructive discussion skills. 

Resources Center & Library

Upload documents, photos, videos, charts and more to support your argument with sources.

Interactive Drawing Board

Use the canvas to express ideas and include visuals

Interactive Features

Engage with fellow students by utilizing the built-in interactive features. 

Personalized Feedback

Access to a personalized dashboard to receive real-time teacher feedback and track personal growth.

Teacher Features & Capabilities​


Groups & Assignments

Create classrooms and assignments in a matter of minutes.


Participation Analytics

Gain insight into student behaviors and outcomes through the post-Convertsation report.

Real-Time Chat

Monitoring or Scheduling

Ability to schedule conversations for specific dates and times, or allow students to build their own Convertsation schedule.

Profanity and

Toxicity Filtering

Customizable message filters allow for blocking toxic or profane messages without a teacher's presence.

Easy-to-Use Grading

& Reporting Tools

Give students individualized feedback to support their learning and growth.

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